The following recommendations are from the 2018 election:

“One council candidate stands out to all of us on the board. Attorney Mary Luros impressed us during her two-year time on the council… She is bright, articulate, and adept at handling the details of public policy.” –Napa Valley Register Editorial Board, “Our View: The Candidates For Napa City Council,” Oct. 20, 2018.

“Not only is she raising a young family along with her husband Jason, she is a hardworking business woman. She cares deeply about the future of Napa, not only for her family, but for all of us. With your help we can elect this smart, dedicated and fully invested person to represent our future for a better Napa.”-Carol Barge, Napa Valley Register, “Join me in voting for Mary Luros for Napa City Council,” Sept. 21, 2008.

“An attorney, Mary would bring her analytical skills to the city council, which is especially important now that the city council is about to start the General Plan process that will chart the next 20 years for our city. We need someone like Mary who is able to see the big picture of where Napa should go. She wants to bring more balance between the needs of residents and tourists so that residents feel that their voices are heard.”–Conchita MarusichNapa Valley Register, “Support Mary Luros for Napa City Council,” Sept. 27, 2018.

“I’m watching my friends leave Napa because they can’t afford to live here, small businesses close because they can’t afford the rent and can’t find qualified workers, and worsening traffic as people commute up to two hours to get to work because they don’t make enough to live here,” the local attorney and City Council candidate recently wrote to the Napa Valley Register. “The quality of life of our residents is suffering because of a lack of housing, soaring rents, and excessive traffic.”–Mary Luros: Preserving Napa’s Affordability Crucial to Residents’ Futures, Napa Valley Register, Oct. 1, 2018.

“I have worked with Mary on addressing housing needs in the community for several years. Mary has taken the time to understand the complex issues associated with providing housing that is affordable for our residents and workforce. Mary understands there is not one solution, but a need to look at Napa’s growing housing needs from different perspectives, funding sources, policies, housing types and locations.”–Cass Walker, Napa Valley Register, “Mary Luros Will Work Hard On Napa City Council,” October 2, 2018.

“Next month’s elections will shape the city of Napa’s future for years to come. We support Mary Luros for the Napa City Council. Mary is focused, smart, hardworking, courageous and egoless (a rare trait in politics today)… Mary Luros is transparent, has integrity, creative ideas and experience from being on the council before. She’s an attorney and business owner who can do the work and she’s a parent who cares about her kids’ future.”–John and Dorothy SalmonNapa Valley Register, “Join us in voting for Mary Luros for the Napa City Council,” October 4, 2018.

“Other letters have acquainted us with the many roles that Mary Luros fills: wife, mother, attorney, small business owner, community volunteer. All of these roles will influence her as she performs her duties as a council member, but I believe that her experiences as an attorney and small business owner will add an extra dimension that will enhance the overall effectiveness of the Napa City Council. On any given day, Mary is busy helping individuals, families, nonprofits, and small businesses. This is exactly what we need: someone who brings a ready-made skill set to help involve all segments of the community in solving our common problems.”–Virginia Rue, Napa Valley Register, “Vote Luros for Napa City Council and Dodd for Napa Valley College Trustee,” October 9, 2018.

“Mary has the skill set we need on the Napa City Council, especially as the city begins the General Plan update. Mary will hit the ground running. She possesses the ability to dive deep into complex issues and find sensible solutions that will benefit the entire Napa community. Napa has always been known for its ability to collaborate – it is one of the traits that makes our city so special. Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing a divisive environment – an ‘us vs. them’ mentality – that makes collaboration extremely challenging. Mary advocates for “One Napa,” where the community is connected; where we don’t favor tourism over locals and everyone is respected and appreciated for who they are and their unique contributions.”–Tracy Krumpen, Napa Valley Register, “Honored to Support Mary Luros for Napa City Council,” October 15, 2018.

“Please support Mary Luros for the firm position she has taken against the proposed City Hall. She feels that it is overly complex, has not been arrived at in a sufficiently transparent process, and includes numerous facilities beyond those actually needed City Hall. Among these are a hotel, a bar, thousands of square feet of office space, a grocery store, housing, a restaurant, and more. Importantly, the plan also includes a police station the Police Officers Association (POA) does not want. They are also endorsing her.”Susan Wilkinson, Napa Valley Register, “Mary Luros is Right to Oppose City Hall Plan,” October 16, 2018.